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Reservations are now being taken for the summer of 2025 tour.    REGISTER NOW!!!

Here are some important facts about the trip:

  • Travel to Germany AND Austria

  • Summer Tour:          Be sure to ask for a quote. - 12 Days - Hundreds of dollars less than other Euro trips plus more days!

  • Spring Break:           Be sure to ask for a quote.

What is included:**

  • Total of 12 days* through Southern Germany and Northern Austria

  •  All Tours Included:

    • Rhine River Cruise

    • Heidelberg Castle

    • Ulm Cathedral

    • Neuschwanstein Castle

    • Austrian Gondola Ride

    • Mercedes Museum

    • Plus Other Group Activities 

    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (when group is together)

    • Transportation (Charted Bus or Team Vans when on tour)

    • Trip t-shirts

    • Places of stay and travel

    • After game socials with the teams we play against

    • 3 to 5 or more soccer games against Germany soccer clubs.

*(Spring Break Tour activities will be similar, but adjustments will be made.)

Some of the teams we’ve played in the past include:

1.    1899 Hoffenheim

2.    Freiburg SC

3.    FC Kaiserslautern

4.    1. FSV Mainz

5.    FC Ingolstadt 04

6.    SC Heidelberg

7.    VfL Sindelfingen

8.    SC Vierkirchen

9.    Schwaben Augsburg

And + Dozens More!!!


Cities and Towns of:

  • Ruedesheim, Germany

  • Heidelberg, Germany

  • Stuttgart, Germany

  • Ulm, Germany

  • Dachau, Germany 

  • Munich, Germany

  • Ehrwald, Austria

  • Salzburg, Austria (if time permits)

Please email:

to find out about specific dates.

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